Don’t blame films for promoting smoking: Vivek Oberoi

By Hindustan Times

Actor Vivek Oberoi has urged people to stop accusing Bollywood of popularising smoking.

“What all will you stop? Rape scenes, terrorism in films? Then let’s make cartoons. It’s very difficult, I think it’s asking to strangle creativity. Because films are a mirror of the society — A mirror copies you, you should not copy the mirror,” said the 35-year-old.

“Films are an image of life, they borrow from life, let life not borrow from films. Let’s set an example,” added the actor.

Meanwhile, when asked if he ever sets a condition of not smoking on screen in a film before signing it, Vivek said, “I don’t set any such conditions. As an actor, that’s not my right. The director, the script — it's their decision