Singer Kylie Minogue sets Twitter record


By Hindustan Times

Pop star Kylie Minogue set a new record on Twitter when fans bombarded her with 25,000 messages in less than 45 minutes. The 43-year-old Australian singer teased fans by promising to unveil her new single Timebomb on her official website if she could achieve the mammoth total of 'tweets', and her followers were happy to oblige.

Just 43 minutes after launching her "tweet to unlock" project, Minogue had received 25,000 messages and made the promo for the song available to view, reported Contactmusic.

A message on her website reads, "Kylie's new track, Timebomb, was released this morning after 25,000 tweets were received. The 25,000 tweets were received in 43 minutes, with record traffic to the site."

And taking to her Twitter page, Minogue wrote, "You did it!!! I wanna wanna whoop (sic)."

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