Katrina Kaif extremely possessive about Khans!

By Hindustan Times

Katrina Kaif is currently working with Bollywood's three leading Khans - Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman - in three different projects. So posessive is the actress about them that given the chance, she won't let anyone else work with them. But she was reticent on who her favourite Khan was.

"This doesn't make sense to me. It is unfair," Katrina told reporters here when asked to pick her favourite Khan.

"If suppose if you will ask them to choose one of the actresses, even I will feel bad. Everyone is different. All three of them are icons and legends in their own way. I am fortunate enough to work with them. It's been great so far.

"If I had the chance, I would not allow anyone to work with them. But that is not possible as you cannot stop anyone from working with them," she ad