Vishal Bhardwaj to direct music videos

By Hindustan Times

Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj, producer Ekta Kapoor and actor Emraan Hashmi coming together in Ek Thi Daayan (ETD) was big news in itself. But now, Vishal plans to further enhance his co-production. Apart from composing music for the film, he will be directing the song sequences too.ETD is a
supernatural mystery thriller, directed by debutant Kannan Iyer, Vishal’s former assistant. “Vishal and Emraan coming together for the first time means a musical extravaganza.

We are delighted that he is actually shooting the songs himself,” says Tanuj Garag, CEO Balaji Motion Pictures. In his other productions, Vishal usually is involved in writing the screenplay, dialogue and music compositions, but ETD will be the first time he is directing just a segment of the film.

“Emraan’s movies are known for hit music, while Visha