Salman Khan finally promotes Arjun Kapoor!

By Hindustan Times

Salman Khan has apparently changed his mind. The actor who had refused to promote Arjun Kapoor's Ishaqzaade on Twitter has now posted a series of tweets that mentions Arjun Ranawat...oops Arjun Kapoor.

He began with, "Yup ! Arjun ranawat in my janam bhumi INDORE." (sic) Before you start wondering who Arjun Ranawat was, the actor's next tweet cleared the confusion.

"Yup! I call arjun kapoor arjun ranawat,"(sic) tweeted Sallu.

"Tweeted after a v long time," he then added.

Arjun apparently had no inclination towards becoming an actor, but Salman’s confidence and motivation urged him to take that route.

“Salman is my elder brother. Once, long back, he had told me that he thought I was cut out for acting, and should try my hand in it. That time, I was really obese (140 kg), and co