Audience to choose ending for Raveena’s next!

By Hindustan Times

The latest trend in Indian cinema is to give audiences the opportunity to choose the climax they desire for the story. In keeping with this, the makers of Raveena Tandon-starrer Ginn Liya Aasman are shooting two sequences — one happy and the other sad — and leaving it to viewers to select which
one suits the film better.

Directed by renowned Marathi director Rishi Deshpande, Ginn Liya Aasman is a film about a 6-year-old boy, played by Dhruv Pikhe, whose father, a naval officer, has been missing since a plane crash. The kid has been told that his father lives in the sky and believes that he is the man behind the monsoons and the person who decides the shape of the moon, and that his father will come and play with him in his vacations. Raveena plays his mother.