Films give me a high: Arshad Warsi

By Hindustan Times

In the Munnabhai series, Arshad Warsi, playing Circuit, became India’s favourite sidekick. Now, in Jolly LLB in which he plays the hero, the actor gets a sidekick of his own. This is a first for Warsi, who has had several solo hero films to his credit in the past. “I did solo projects like Hero Hindustani (1998) Waisa Bhi Hota Hai (WBHH, 2003), Saher (2005) and Hum Tum Aur Ghost (2008) much earlier, so I don’t care about getting a sidekick in Jolly LLB,” says Warsi. He adds, “It doesn’t matter to me. For me it’s the film and script that matters. What position I am (in the film) as an actor doesn’t matter.”

At the same time, Arshad isn’t dismissive of the importance of the supporting actor’s role in a film. He says unlike one-man army films like Rambo (2008), our films require a lot of bounce boards, people around to make things