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By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 6 -- Bollywood's usually lack-lustre first quarter has ended on a surprise high in 2012 with Kahaani emerging as the biggest earner with net collections of R55.50 crore on an investment of R5 crore. "It currently ranks No. 5 on the IMDB box-office list of all-time biggest grossers," says the film's director Sujoy Ghosh, attributing its appeal to the global format that has worked with the audience that is more exposed to world cinema today.

Kahaani, however, Sujoy admits, is everything a commercial Bollywood film shouldn't be. It has no big names apart from Vidya Balan. It has come during, what is traditionally considered an infertile period with exams keeping young audiences away. And it is a thriller, which usually doesn't lure in crowds for second viewing as the mystery has been revealed.

But its success has busted some popular trade myths and superstitions, says Sunil Punjabi, CEO, Cinemax. "It continue