Bollywood posters go dare bare with women!

By Hindustan Times

Chiselled abdomens, cleavage, the body contour...Bollywood filmmakers are zooming in on women's curves to create titillating posters, aimed at crucial first week collections, perhaps emboldened by today's liberal censors.

The first look of Vikram Bhatt's production Hate Story creates a mystery about the woman in the picture but sends out the right message about the film's content - bold and daring. It has a mystery girl with her bare, tattooed back visible and a gun placed strategically at the back of her jeans.

"Hate Story is a brave film. Of course, everyone wants eyeballs for the film, but one can't have a sizzling poster and then have nothing inside the film. I feel the poster is a very tame representation of a film and so I have to say that 'Hate Story' is really brave and pathbreaking in its content," B