Brad Pitt: Looking for longevity, not Oscar

By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Feb. 19 -- Every actor yearns to win at least one golden statuette in his lifetime, but actor Brad Pitt, 48, has bigger things on his mind than taking home an Oscar.

Currently busy bagging accolades for his role in the multiple Oscar-nominated biographical sports drama, Moneyball, Pitt is competing in the Best Actor category of the awards. In the film, that opens in India on February 24, Pitt portrays baseball team manager Billy Beane, who assembled a competitive team by taking a sabermetric approach -a specialised analysis of the game.

Ask him about the Oscar glory and the actor says, "It's good fun when your number comes up. It's really fun when your friends' number comes up too. It's just as fun because then you can stay home. You know it's (the Oscars) not the focus. To me it is