Imran Khan: No haters please!

By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Feb. 15 -- I 'm quite impressed and amazed with this piece of news. Nautanki Naari tells me that after Sonam Kapoor, now Imran Khan has refused to be part of Arjun Rampal's chat-cum reality show Love 2 Hate U.

The production team and the channel approached Imran recently to participate and come face to face with his greatest hater, something that even Ram Gopal Varma has dared to do.

But Imran refused to believe in the concept of a hater, and just didn't want to meet the person who hates him, because he believes no one can really hate him. And if there is someone, who really hates him, he doesn't need to see that person ever. Okay then!


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