Mahesh Bhatt furious Blood Money's leaked sex scenes

By Hindustan Times

Grabs from a leaked video of Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming film, Blood Money, are creating a lot of buzz online. A hot love-making scene between the two actors — Kunal Khemu and veejay-turned-actress Mia Uyeda — is now making rounds on the internet. An angry Bhatt claims the news came as a shock to him. “I am upset that this is being called a leak from our end to get attention. It goes against the profile of our film.”

He insists that it isn’t a promotional stunt. “Blood Money is not a Murder (2004). These leaked images won’t help the film. In fact, they will create the wrong buzz about it. They don’t represent the essence of the film.” In the scene, Kunal’s character has a momentary lapse of judgement and gets lured into havi