Kareena's mujra holds importance in Agent Vinod

By Hindustan Times

The much talked-about mujra in Saif Ali Khan’s Agent Vinod, featuring Kareena Kapoor, was not included just to keep audiences happy, asserts director Sriram Raghavan. “Songs should take the film forward, not exist just for entertainment. There is a sequence in Karachi, Pakistan, so I thought if we have to do a song sequence, then let it be a traditional mujra,” he adds.

Unlike female actors in most international spy thrillers, Kareena has a substantial role in Agent Vinod.

The director says, “It’s not an easy character to pull off. I didn’t make her a better actor. She made the character better than what was originally conceived.”

Based on the life of a RAW agent, played by Saif, Raghavan admits this is his most challenging project yet.