Salman Khan: 'Didn't let my parents, kids watch Bigg Boss'

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 28 -- On Hindustan Times' No TV Day, as the city gears up to hit the road, comes a word of advice and caution from India's top super-star. One of the costliest Bollywood imports on TV, actor Salman Khan tells his fans to refrain from watching too much TV.

He's not too impressed with the content on his own reality show either. "I've always told my audience that if they don't like my work they shouldn't spend even half a rupee on my movies. TV comes for free so they invest their time and energy on kitchen-sink dramas and reality shows. That's a heinous crime, unpardonable!" rants Salman.

The 46-year-old actor would like people to switch off their TV sets once in