Kailash Kher’s toddler sings for album

By Hindustan Times

If Sonu Nigam’s four-year-old could croon to Dhanush’s ‘soup’ song, becoming a sub-rage on YouTube himself, Kailash Kher’s two-year-old is not far behind. The Allah Ke Bande singer’s son, Kabir, is probably the youngest singer to have made it to an album.

“It’s another thing that I had to tutor him for five hours to get 20 seconds worth of recording,” laughs Kher, who will launch his new album, Rangeele, tonight. “Kabir is musically inclined at such a young age. Brought up in a musical house, he seems to have a sense of melody already. Nowadays, he’s hooked to Samvaad, and smiles every time he hears his own voice,” adds Kher.

The child prodigy is not the only highlight of Kailasa’s fourth album. Actor Amitabh Bachchan, who will be launching the album today, features in it too.