Veena Malik accused of copying Katrina Kaif

By Hindustan Times

Veena Malik has again landed in the middle of a controversy, this time for “ripping-off” Katrina Kaif’s look in a new film.

After turning down a number of Bollywood roles, the Pakistani actress agreed to dance in an item song titled The Item Bomb Channo.

But critics believe her look is almost identical to that of British Indian actress Katrina Kaif’s latest release Chikni Chameli.

Stills from the new film have been dubbed ‘uncomfortably reminiscent’ of the first-look photos from Kaif’s Agneepath by India Today, the Mirror reported.

Critics have speculated that the similarities in dress, hair, makeup and setting are a PR ploy to generate further coverage after the star’s FHM nude photoshoot row.

But Malik claims the fact that Channo was ‘different’ is what per