Shakti Kapoor calls Sallu a ‘woman-beater’

By Hindustan Times

Shakti Kapoor has called Bigg Boss 5 all fraud and slammed the reality TV show’s host, actor Salman Khan. The 59-year-old Bollywood baddie, who was evicted from the show last month, tweeted on Tuesday, “Even salman cud nt save d biggest fraud called Bigg Boss. A person, who hits women, gets drunk and drives over people, hunts deers. Shame (sic).”

He further accused Salman of being biased towards another inmate of the house, Mehak Chahal, with whom the former has done a few films. “Mehak is Salman’s girl. So she has a big contestant 2 win. big bos is salman (sic),” reads another tweet by him.

We contacted Kapoor to make sure the Twitter handle was indeed his, which he first confirmed and then denied. “That’s me,” read his first message. But,