Baby of the year!

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 20 -- Ever since her parents tied the knot in April 2007, she's been one of the most anticipated babies in the world. She finally arrived on November 16, at around 9.50 am, after proving wrong all astrological predictions and journalistic speculations.

Over the last four years, every time her mommy Aishwarya put on or lost a few kilos, there was immediately a 'pregnant pause'. This year, in June, when grandpa, Amitabh Bachchan finally confirmed the rumour, Ash's 'baby bump' came under close scrutiny as specialists and star-gazers debated on whether it was going to be one B or two.

Abhishek's assertion that his wife wasn't carrying twins fell on deaf ears. It was more romantic to believe that she'd complete the 'humdo-hamare-do' family picture in one shot. Getting the date right was tricky business but once it was public knowledge that the baby would arrive in November, popular opinion swung to the first day of the month.