Salman Khan launches Celebrity Cricket League!

By Hindustan Times

Salman Khan has reached Dubai to kick off the second season of the Celebrity Cricket League in Sharjah to be held on January 13 and 14.

He is accompanied by Dabanng co-actor Sonakshi Sinha and Kangana Ranaut who are there to support his team.

Khan is the face of the Bollywood team Mumbai Heroes, which will have a face-off with the Chennai Rhinos and Karnataka Bulldozers.

The actor won’t be able to play because of his nerve disorder but the team has his full moral support.

“As stars, we only like to bowl and bat. Fielding and taking catches were not important in our eye, that’s where we went wrong,” quoted him as telling tabloid!

“But we will be back with a strong fielding attack,” he said.


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