TV host Aamir Khan undeterred by IPL

By Hindustan Times

Cricket buff Aamir Khan believes his TV show’s due date will not be decided keeping the fifth edition of the tournament in mind. Aamir Khan, who was spotted cheering India to victory in the cricket World Cup final in the city this April, will have his debut TV show contend with the Indian Premier League (IPL) next year.

Actors as well as channels have been known to launch shows before the tournament starts, or wait till it ends. But Aamir, whose show on Star Plus as anchor-producer is yet untitled, opines, “I don’t say that cricket is not a religion in our country. People are glued to their TV screens when our players are battling against the other big teams in international cricket. The grounds are brimming with heads, cheering for team India. But it’s a different ball game with the IPL matches.”

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