Mayank Shekhar's review: Loot


By Hindustan Times

Director: Rajnish Thakur
Actors: Govinda, Sunil Shetty
Rating: *

They use cassettes, the good old audiotapes from back in the day, for recorded conversations in this film.

Govinda is yet the super-star here, who doesn’t need dialogue sheets for his lines, he can get away blabbering anything. Javed Jaffery ad-libs alongside. Sunil Shetty is He Man. One Mahakshay, actor formerly known as Mimoh, better known as son of 'Prabhujee' Mithunda, plays a cuddly Cassanova from Bandra that girls instantly dig.

Together they loot a don’s (Mahesh Manjrekar) house in Pattaya. Audience was never interested. Filmmakers lose it too. Any rubbish flies. Ravi Kisshen walks in as a RAW agent. Mika is a Thai chain-snatcher.

Lalu Prasad Yadav is part of national news still. Multi-crore picture, or a ponzy scheme? I don't know. Clearly, someone’s let open a flick that must have been rightly, safely lying in the cans for years. Sounds like fun? Be careful. Very careful: that can be your only line of defense against such tyranny of stupidity.

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