Kareena tears a Roberto Cavalli gown!

By Hindustan Times

To what extent can actors go to look sexy? Kareena Kapoor ripped a perfet looking Roberto Cavalli gown and turned it into little white dress. All this to heighten the hotness quotient. And how!

Kareena wanted to look glamourous for the track Criminal from RA.One. So she chopped off the gown upon her designer - Manish Malhotra's advice.

"The dress that I wear in the song was actually cut from a gown. The look needed to be glamorous. It was Manish's idea and I think it was great. It was a Roberto Cavalli gown made into a sexy dress," Bebo told Mumbai Mirror.

"We chopped the gown on the sets. The song required that. We cut it out and it worked for the better. Kareena looked hot and we are getting super response to it. Her looks in RA.One are very different from Golmaal 3 and Bodyguard. Feels superb," Manish told the tabloid