Paris Hilton: Taking Bollywood Seriously Now!

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Sept. 27 -- Introducing her line of handbags may have been the primary agenda of Paris Hilton's maiden visit to Mumbai last weekend, but the heiress is ensuring she makes the most of her time here. In between events and launches related to her brand, Paris met and bonded with big names from Bollywood, the music fraternity and top business houses.

And arguably the biggest outcome of her trip may be a Bollywood film. Since she made her Hollywood debut in 2005 with House Of Wax, the actor admits she's received hundreds of scripts from Indian filmmakers. But she has never had time to consider them. This visit, though, may have been the turning point. "It's not like I didn't like those films. Some had interesting scripts with good music and great actors, but I've never had the time to