Imran Khan: Funny side up!

By Hindustan Times

When he’s not making girls across the country swoon with those puppy-dog eyes, chocolate-box looks and a lean, muscular body (that suddenly sprouted six-pack abs midway through his three-year-old Bollywood career – and made even more girls swoon!) Imran Khan is presumably filing PILs against loony laws that make it illegal for people below 25 to drink. And while we’re still reeling from his power-packed performance in Delhi Belly, he’s going to be back in less than a fortnight in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan along with the pretty Katrina Kaif.

Q: One word that describes you best?
A: Omniscient.

Q: Which superhero would you like to be and why?
A: Batman. He doesn’t have any super powers; he’s self-taught.

Q: If a traffic constable hauled you up, what would you do?
A: I’d say (in a thick Delhi accent) Jaanta nahi main kaun hoon?

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