Sunny's TV debut on track!

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 27 -- Actor Sunny Deol's TV debut, stunt-based show Jaanbaaz, was according to reports, the show, being produced by production house Colosceum, was likely to be scrapped following technical issues.

The reality show is a competition between the industry's top stunt men, who will be fighting it out for a chance to direct their own action sequences in a movie, apart from a hefty cash prize. It was said that the unit had shot loads of episodes with the usual cameras and technical set up, but were now being pushed to re-shoot everything on an HD (high definition) camera, which was making everything difficult.

There were supposedly discussions between the channel and the production house on whether the show should be taken on floors from scratch, and whether more money should be pumped into the show's production at this stage. The reports said that the show