Deepika Padukone: 'People are welcome to speculate'

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 20 -- She hits headlines quite often with respect to her 'rumoured' boyfriend Sidhartha Mallya. But actor Deepika Padukone doesn't feel the need to confirm or deny anything that's anywhere close to her personal life, friends and family. The Aarakshan actor, says, firmly, that "people don't need to know if it's (true) or not or what we do and where we go."

"There's a certain part of life I would like to keep to myself. And I don't think I am answerable to anyone, whether I say yes or no to a guy. People are most welcome to speculate. It's fun to read what people have to say or write about it. But you won't hear anything from me on the topic," says the model who debuted as an actor with Om Shanti Om girl (2007) with Shah R