Want to lead a star's life, watch 'Live My Life'

Mumbai, Aug 18 (IANS) Do you want to spend a day with a superstar? Watch out for UTV Stars' upcoming show "Live My Life" where every week a Bollywood star will handpick a fan and give him or her an opportunity to enjoy the glamorous life for a day.

"UTV Stars stands for differentiation and the show 'Live My Life' is testimony to that. Never has there been a show that brings the fan so close to his favorite star and offers him the opportunity to live like him. With a concept so innovative and exhilarating, I sincerely believe the audiences have plenty of excitement in store for them," said Nikhil Gandhi, Business Head, UTV Stars.

Planned as a 13 episode series, each episode will showcase a new superstar along with his or her handpicked fan which will be finali