Baba Ramdev on Rakhi's show!

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 7 -- It's tough to take anything Rakhi Sawant says without a kettleful of salt, but it's equally entertaining not to. After recently claiming she had moved on from Rahul Gandhi, the actor now wants to marry Baba Ramdev or "Swami Ramdev" as she prefers to call him.

She even made some Rakhi-brand statements about the yogi's "stomach and perfect physique". Though it did make headlines briefly, that alone didn't impress her. "I didn't like the fact that I didn't get any response to what I said on national television, so I don't feel like talking about it now," says a disgruntled Rakhi, unsure of the kind of response she was expecting. "I know that what I said must've reached him.

Anyway, forget that." She pauses for just about a second. "I really like him (Baba Ramdev). I do! And I respect him a lot. People think I joke all the time, but no one