Critics report: Harry Potter is pure magic on screen

By Hindustan Times

A harassed, unsure young boy stumbles into his 'real' identity through a magic portal on a station. The boy grows up, makes friends, falls in love, but he is no ordinary little British boy. He is Harry Potter.

Millions of fans living a fantasy through the life of this boy wizard, bid a sometimes tearful, sometimes hysterical farewell to Harry and the gang as the final film hits theatres.

Harry potter, Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasly are not children anymore, much like the actors who played the lead characters. The world grew up with these three as they went from vulnerable, awkward kids to full-fledged wizards. This time it's war. The search for the last Horcrux reaches a whirlwind climax.

The mature, reasoned performances by the three has been critica