Esha Deol: 'I'd love to produce a film'

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 24 -- Esha Deol is ready to return to the screen after a much-needed two-year break with Tell Me O Khuda. "It's not a new cult movie or an old action remix, but a simple story of an adopted girl in search of her real parents. It should touch hearts and draw families," she says.

Midway through the film, director Mayur Puri was axed following creative differences with producer Hema Malini, who then took over. Esha doesn't think the 'switch' will affect the film: "Mayur is a talented guy and I wish him well. It's just that things didn't work out with us. Mom had the knowledge, experience and capability to complete the film and it's looking good."

Her mother has been raving about her 'look' too. "She likes my curls and told me I couldn't straighten my hair or