Om Puri in mess as wife, ex fight!

By Hindustan Times

What happens when your wife catches you at your ex-wife's place? Om Puri is probably the best person to answer this. When Puri's wife Nandita Puri found him at his ex-wife Seema Kapoor's residence, a high voltage drama took place and cops were called to solve the 'family matter.'

Om Puri has landed himself in yet another family trouble with Seema Kapoor and Nandita Puri. Both have reportedly filed complaints against each other.

PuriAs soon as Nandita learnt about Puri's whereabouts, she rushed to Seema's residence with her two friends and abused the duo.

"On Thursday night, Om Puri had been visiting his ex-wife Seema. Not wanting to get back to his obviously unhappy marriage,