Sunny D loves gals gossiping

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 6 -- Guess what is Sunny Deol's favouritest show, wonders my dhobi as he saunters in. Where did that come from, I wonder, and Safedi Lal tells me that the actor is hooked on to the television series, Gossip Girls.

My washerman claims to have overheard Sunny paaji telling a friend that whenever he can, he makes it a point to catch the latest of Gossip Girls on the small screen. That's strange, I must admit, since

I'm told that the dhaai-kilo ka haath wala actor doesn't watch his own movies after completing them.

Yeah, I know you will say that this girly gossipy show doesn't go with his macho-man image. But then again, who says Sunny paaji doesn't have a sense of humour or an ear for gupshup?

So what if it's a television show, sillies!


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