Rani-Saif's special bonding over Kareena in Bangkok

By Subhash K. Jha, IndiaFM

Ever since they did Hum Tum and Tara Rum Pum together, Rani and Saif have shared a very special platonic friendship. "Rani is one co-star I can open my heart to. She's a pal. And she truly listens," says Saif. Rani and Saif had plenty of time to bond even better in the weeks that they spent together in Bangkok shooting for Kunal Kohli's new untitled film where Rani plays a nanny to Saif's character's kids.

Says a source close to both the actors, "Since Rani doesn't have more than one costume change in the film there was plenty of extra time to converse with her co-star. Saif and she were constant