Bollywood spreads a word about new team of Formula One


By IndiaFM News Bureau,

Force India, a team owned by Vijay Mallya has enlisted a famous Bollywood actor to help in spreading the word about formula one’s newest team. Vijay Mallya along with Dutch Mol family is also heard to have bought and renamed the former Spyker outfit.

Force India, the first ever Indian F1 team, was originally founded as Jordan in 1991 with a base at Silverstone (UK). Mallya excited about the whole venture said that Shahrukh Khan would be involved in the multimedia campaign to promote the team in India. He also proclaimed his pride in being an Indian and would do things for the Indian F1 team free.

The team will have it official launch its 2008 campaign in New Delhi. Mallya also assured of considering Karun Chandhok, a GP2 driver for the test driver’s role.

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