UTV Bindaas: Job we met!

By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 12 -- UTV Bindaas, which started off with youth-based fiction programming is now returning to its roots. After over a dozen relationship-based reality shows, the channel is now ready with a daily soap, Meri To Lag Gayi... Naukri. It deals with various job-based dilemmas that youngsters go through when they land their first jobs after college.

"Our research showed that there are lots of issues that young, 20-something boys and girls go through when they begin their careers. Finding the right first job is tough, and then to adjust in a work environment iseven tougher," points out Nikhil Gandhi of UTV Bindaas. "Even in my own office, there are young graduates, who still feel they're in college and don't know how to deal with tasks, let alone troubleshooting. These t