Chitrangada is a doctor of love!

By Hindustan Times

Bollywood actor Chitrangada Singh believe in long-lasting first loves. Married to golfer Jyoti Randhawa for more than ten years, Singh says she her husband was her first love and will be her last.

“I have been madly and insanely in love only once. I married him. I keep having little crushes from time-to-time, but Jyoti is my soul mate,” says the Yeh Saali Zindagi actor. Recently, on the sets of TV show Love Lockup, Singh turned up as mentor and counselled estranged young couples on the importance of keeping your love alive.

“Many times I’ve seen couples who over time become distant. They grow apart and that’s a trouble zone. It is all about compatibility and if you love someone, you always find ways of keeping it fresh. Too much comfort can sometimes be a bad thing,