Sharmila Tagore gets talking!

By Hindustan Times

Be it flaunting a bikini in the 60s, being a top actor of her times, marrying a nawab, or becoming the Censor Board head, Sharmila Tagore has always been special. With her dimples and warm smile, the actor even at the age of 64 defines the word ‘grace’. We caught up with the Begum of Pataudi during her recent visit to Delhi for jewellery brand Tanishq Queen of Diamonds event.

As her actor-son Saif Ali Khan has announced publicly that he will marry Kareena Kapoor in 2012 on Koffee With Karan, we asked her about the same. To which Tagore says, “Whenever it happens we will let everyone know about it.” But at the same time, she hinted that Kareena has gelled well with the family when she reveals that a gift from Kareena