Movie Preview: Badmaash Company


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 23 -- What it's about... Set in the 1990s, the film revolves around four youngsters who get together to start an import business of all that yuppie Indians long for. They find a way to beat the system and make their venture a success. All is well until the maverick entrepreneurs are forced to shut shop. Can they come up with yet another plan to bring back the business?

USP: According to first-time director Parmeet Sethi, the film's aces are the subjects that it revolves around - scams, loving, losing and above all, earning respect. "My film has style and soul and that is an irresistible combination," he asserts.

Box Office Results

  1. Dolly Ki Doli INR 15.3 cr.
  2. Baby INR 50.1 cr.
  3. Alone INR 11.4 cr.
  4. Tevar INR 38 cr.
  5. Ugly INR 5.6 cr.

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