Emraan refuses to speak on the flat issue

By Subhash K. Jha Bollywood Hungama News Network

Emraan Hashmi is not allowed to speak any more. But his SMS to his uncle and mentor Mahesh Bhatt says it all.

''My grandmother wants to take me to an astrologer to help me arm myself for the painful future that may lie ahead of me. According to her this is the end of me.''

Chilling, omnipotent and indicative of the threat that the young actor has created for himself and his family by openly speaking on the issue of religious profiling, Emraan is now letting his lawyer do all the talking.

On Tuesday Emraan's Pali Hill residence looked like a fortress with approximately 8-10 police vehicles parked below his building. The threats, apparently, are relentless.

The actor himself seemed petrified of speaking. ''If you want to talk to me on the