When Shreyas Talpade dons traffic cop's hat!


Mumbai, April 15 (IANS) Bollywood actor Shreyas Talpade had no starry tantrums when he was stuck in a major traffic jam in Mumbai recently. The actor got out of his car and helped a few volunteers on the road in clearing it up.

Shreyas, who was seen in films like "Welcome To Sajjanpur" and "Golmaal Returns" last year, was in Juhu when he got stuck at a traffic signal, said a source close to the actor.

"Shreyas really assumed a traffic cop's duties for a while. He was stuck in a bad traffic jam at the Juhu Scheme junction because the traffic signals were dysfunctional and there was no cop. It was utter chaos there.

"Though Shreyas patiently waited for a while in his car, when he realised that the traffic wasn't moving at all, he knew that he had to do something instead of just sitting there helplessly and waiting for the traffic to ease out. So, he stepped out of the car and joined a few volunteers in directing the traffic and solving the problem," said the source.

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