Subhash K. Jha speaks about Aa Dekhen Zara

By Subhash K. Jha Bollywood Hungama News Network

It's all about a camera that speaks its mind in the future. Wish the film was as far-reaching. Aa Dekhen Zara is a very wannabe kind of thriller. It's slick, yes. But it lacks the zippy zest of a true-blue Hitchcock homage like say Mukul Anand's Aitbaar.

More thanda than cool, more wannabe than slick, the film's most interesting moments come from the way the material is packaged rather than the content's evolution from preamble to climax.

A hip hope carries the narration forward. You wish and pray once, just once, the film's intended mood of spinning a slick yarn would reify. Alas, the p