Movie Review: Siddharth - The Prisoner

By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

There's a thin line that divides unconventional and experimental cinema. SIDDHARTH - THE PRISONER, directed by debutante Pryas Gupta, has an unconventional plotline, but what comes across is quite abstract. In fact, a film like SIDDHARTH - THE PRISONER is more suited for film festivals, not mainstream commercial platform.

Also, Pryas's prayaas sounds interesting on paper, but is not even part interesting on celluloid.

Just released from prison, Siddharth [Rajat Kapoor], a once-famous writer, completes a new manuscript. He re-engages with the outside world, hoping that the new book will restore his reputation and reconcile him with his estranged wife Maya.