No Venezuela for Neha!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 6 -- Mottu's not done yet. Now she wants me to hear about Neha Dhupia, whom she spotted at Salt Water Cafe in Bandra the other evening.

Seems like she wasn't exactly dressed like a B-town star, and the restaurant staff initially failed to recognise the leggy lass clad in a short kurti over an equally short skirt.

But when realisation dawned upon them, they focused all their attention on her. While they went back to their work and attended other patrons, one particular gent appeared to be enamoured by Dhupia.

Mots discovered that he was a Venezuelan director and was trying to make flirtatious conversation with apni heroine. Seeing that she wasn't impressed, the man tried to convince her to work in his production, claiming to launch her in international cinema and all that.

Even that didn't get him any bhaav from Dhupia, who was more engrossed in sipping her coffee, I'm told. Like I care! Kya karun main is Mottu ka? But then, such is life dearies.