No Sundays off for Irrfan Khan


By IndiaFM

Spoke to Irrfan Khan who has lately acquired the reputation of being difficult and pricey. One of the charges leveled against him? He refuses to work for any film on Sundays, no matter how urgent the situation.

"Well….today is Sunday," Irrfan cleared his throat mischievously on November 4. "And I'm shooting like crazy for Krazzy 4. The only Sunday I took 'off' was Eid, and that too because my son had observed the holy month of Ramzan for the first time. I'm entitled to at least one day of holiday for my family's sake, ain’t I?"
Irrfan says the reputation of being difficult comes from his new determination not to be taken for granted. "I hear all kinds of things about the ridiculous price I'm supposed to be asking for and that I insist on playing only the lead. That's all bunk. All I insist on is not to be taken for granted any more. If I'm signed I should be used properly in a film." Incidentally, the no-work-on-Sunday clause which Irrfan doesn't observe is applicable to other stars.

Preity Zinta doesn't work on Sundays. "I need that one day off to be with myself, to re-charge my batteries," she insists.