No 'Strangers On A Train'


By IndiaFM

Is the forthcoming film STRANGERS inspired by the Hollywood film STRANGERS ON A TRAIN? The commonality is the fact that two strangers meet in a train and one of them suggests that they kill each other’s kin. Perhaps that must’ve prompted people to assume that it’s a rip off of the Hollywood film.

“Completely untrue,” STRANGERS director Aanand Rai clarifies, “When I started writing STRANGERS, I had no clue about the plot of STRANGERS IN A TRAIN. It was much later when someone mentioned about the [coincidental] similarities that I decided to watch the film. Meaning, I watched the English film much after I had written my film. Barring the two strangers meeting in a train, there’s no similarity whatsoever.”

Aanand, who makes his directorial debut with STRANGERS, is confident that people will enjoy the experience. “I am sure, the audiences would get involved in this journey because there’s more to STRANGERS than an unconventional plot,” he says. STRANGERS hits the screens on 14th December.