No season 2 for India's Most Haunted


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Jan. 30 -- India's Most Haunted on NDTV Good Times ended in August last year after just 13 episodes.

And ever since friendsturned-hosts Rocky and Mayur have been frequently questioned by fans whether there's going to be a Season 2. Famous for their show, Highway On My Plate on NDTV Good Times, the hosts are in sync about the future of their show India's Most Haunted that it will never return.

On Hindustan Times' No TV Day, Rocky and Mayur picked up winners of the HT Mumbai On My Plate contest and went restaurant hopping at Gajalee, Sardar Pavbhaji and 212. At the same time, the TV hosts swapped food stories while hogging delicious food all day.

Coming back to the show Mayur says, "The idea was to feature the culture of India. After 13 episodes, I didn't want to do it anymore. It was stressful for me as we shot in numerous spooky locations. I didn't want to get a heart attack. Rocky was very keen but I refused. There won't be a Season 2."

The first episode of the show was a true story of their own experience which they had 20 years ago but Mayur carries it till date. But once they agreed to do the show, despote being uncomfortable, Mayur somehow pulled it through. The scared Mayur had thought that the show would help him overcome his fear.

"It became worse and spookier," he says. Shooting in remote locations was dangerous since there were deadly spiders, snakes, scorpions, other creepy crawlies and abandoned mines, the kind of dangers he didn't want to experience. "Ghost hunting is my hobby. I know I sound crazy but I love it," laughs Rocky who didn't need convincing to back his friend of 36 years, Mayur.

"As a team, if one feels strongly about something, the other person should respect it." Rocky adds that he never felt the need to carry on the show alone. "We are friends first and did TV later, so we will always stick together," he says, adding their brand, Rocky and Mayur works together, so they won't do TV without each other. The good thing is their show Highway On My Plate is still on air.