No regrets for chucking wine, says Raveena...

Subhash K. Jha, Indo-Asian News Service

imageMumbai, (IANS) Everyone is talking about Raveena Tandon's run-in on New Year's eve with husband Anil Thadani's ex-wife Natasha Sippy, the daughter of producer Romu Sippy, at Ritesh Sidhwani's party.

Spunky as ever, Raveena doesn't deny there was a run-in which ended with her throwing a glass of wine in the other lady's face. According to several guests, Raveena and her husband were being provoked throughout the evening.

Raveena told IANS: "There's nothing between Anil and Natasha Sippy. Everything about Anil has to do with me and everything about me has to do with Anil. He and I are one.

"And I don't regret what happened. My husband Anil is the purest cleanest person after god and my father. I won't allow anyone to cast aspersions on him. Any insult to him is an insult to me. No one can sully my family and get away with it."

Apparently, Raveena's resentment against Natasha Sippy had been brewing for some time. Their rivalry goes back a long way -- to the time when the actress was seeing Anil. All sorts of unsavoury rumours were apparently spread against the film distributor to discourage her from marrying him, and they seemed to permeate from one quarter.

All hell broke loose on that evening at Sidhwani's party where apparently Natasha Sippy was "acting provocative" throughout the party. That's when the incident happened.

Says Raveena, "I repeat... Whatever happened with Anil in the past has to do with our present. I will stand by him, as he stands by me."


'Home Delivery' - worst film of the year

After "Home Delivery" delivered an egg, director Sujoy Ghosh is back home licking his wounds and rethinking his priorities. He was in London where his wife and two children live.

To add injury to insult, a survey undertaken by a website ( has readers polling "Home Delivery" the worst film of 2005.

"At least my film has topped in some list. Hats off to me for that," Sujoy tries to sound brave.

"One learns from one's mistakes. I guess after 'Jhankaar Beats', I went terribly wrong this time. I'll have to be very careful with my next one. I made 'Home Delivery' the way I wanted to. So I can't blame anyone for it."