No promotions for RGV's next!



Mumbai, July 9 -- Ram Gopal Varma has always gone with his instincts, be it his choice of films, cast, or even camera angles. This time, once again, the director has come up with a unique plan to promote his upcoming film, Satya 2.

RGV won't promote the sequel to his 1998 hit Satya at all. He will not make any public appearances nor will he interact with the media on this subject.

The director wants the content of the film to attract audiences rather than it being forced on them through elaborate promotions. "We will release a couple of scenes from the film. RGV knows that the content of the film will drive audiences to the theatre. And so there is no point talking about the film to attract viewers," says RGV's spokesperson. This strategy of no promotions was first employed by the south film Magadheera (2008).

"The Ram Charan Teja and Kajal Aggarwal starrer had zero promotion but went on to become a huge success at the box office. The silence created huge anticipation among audiences," adds the spokesperson.

When questioned if the strategy was developed due to low budget, the spokesperson says, "Satya 2 is a big-budget film. Sometimes, good ideas can do the talking rather than using money to create buzz about the film. This time, it won't be RGV but the film that will do the talking."