No patch-up yet? Adhyayan denies meeting Kangna Ranaut


By Hindustan Times

Adhyayan Suman has demanded apology from the makers of Dehradun Diary. The director of the movie had earlier confirmed that Kangna Ranaut had visited him on the sets, sparking speculations that the two are back together.

Did Kangna Ranaut visit you on the set of your film, Dehraadun Diary?

I am terribly upset with that story. Reports like these are detrimental to my career. You can’t dig out my past randomly like this. It’s been three-and-a-half years since Kangna and I separated, so why would she come to my film set? It took me two years to get out of the relationship with Kangna. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t. It’s been three years since we broke up. People move on, so have I.
I am dating someone else right now, and she is very hurt due to this story. I won’t promote Dehraadun Diary unless the makers (who have been quoted, confirming the story) apologise to me.

News reports claimed that you flaunted the fact that you were with Kangna in 2009. Have you learned any lessons from that time?
People say a lot of things. Just because I held her hand in public doesn’t mean I was flaunting my girlfriend. It’s not illegal. I did what a regular 21-year-old would. These reports used to upset me, but then I learnt better. For me, my priority is my work. If you have a career, you have everything.

Where have you been the last few years?
I needed some time to think about what I wanted to do in life. All the negative publicity really hurt me. I get that these things are part of an actor’s life, but I am not even a star. And neither am I publicity hungry. I was offered many films, but I didn’t take up any. I needed to get rid of a lot of excess baggage. But I am glad now; God has been kind to me.