No jhatkas at award shows, please: Resul Pookutty



The award season is on in full swing, and TV channels are hopeful of great TRPs from celeb performances at these shows. But, Oscar-winning sound editor Resul Pookutty has slammed the jhatka-matka routine at desi award shows and urged organisers to learn from the Academy instead, which has kept away from filmy acts and only stuck to honours, thus gaining its repute and popularity.

"Unfortunately in India, the quality of award functions has declined tremendously over the years. With the advent of television software and the mad race for TRPs among channels, money has started controlling everything. As a result, celebration of talent comes second to presenting a well-packaged show with dance performances, gags, etc. This is quite sad. Oscars, too, are one of the highly watched shows but they don't stoop to such an extent," Pookutty was quoted as saying to a magazine.

Filmmaker Onir feels the same, and adds it brings in a fatigue rather than credibility. "Too many performances make it tiresome and are very often linked to who gets an award. Ultimately, it's more for TV programming, than awards," he says.

Item regular Yana Gupta, however, differs. "Everything that's on TV is a business really, so why not award functions?" she says. Actor Ayushmann Khurrana adds, "International films don't have songs. Indian cinema thrives on song and dance. You just can't take that away. And when one gets an award, it's time to celebrate. We celebrate Indian cinema with performances of the stars. The seriousness may go away with the increase in the number of shows on TV, and not because of the performances," he says.